Welcome to the largest Australian Aerial Photography Library and home of Above Photography.

Welcome to the online stock aerial photo library and customised photography website of Above Photography. Did you know our aerial photography database now consists of over 1,500,000 images! Yes 1.5 million photos. A few of these photos are online now, most are in our offline library. We are currently uploading these images to our server so they will all be at the convenience and simplicity of a few mouse clicks.

Aerial Mapping, 3d Modelling, Digital Elevation Models

Our aerial photography service goes far beyond the standard straight down aerial orthophoto or oblique image. Using a point cloud system based on RGB values we can create an accurate Digital Elevation Model and 3d terrain model of sites encluding large land areas of over several thousand sq km.


Aerial mapping, orthophoto, aerial survey, digital elevation models, 3d aerial models, 3d printing

QLD Bundaberg Flooding 2013 Aerial Photography can be found here

During the Bundaberg floods of 2013, we volunteered our time and aircraft to encapsulate the damage caused by the flood event. These images are available for free to those who were a victim of floods

Bundaberg QLD Flooding Aerial Photo

Brisbane Flooding 2011 Aerial Photography can be found here

We shot aerial photography of the Brisbane Flooding in 2011 on behalf of select councils, as well as volunteering our time and aircraft to shoot all areas damaged by floods. Our images served to access the damage to assets caused and help create a logistical plan on priority asset damage, and were also used by Googles Crisis Response website.

2011 Brisbane Floods

Whilst flying these long transits, Mike Swaine continues to work on his series titled Earths Artwork an amazing collection of aerial photos dedicated completely to the patterns, shapes, textures and colours only seen from an aircraft. This aerial landscape art of Australia is my calling and gift to the world. With over fifty thousand images in the database we have aerial photography covering all of Australia. Some of the more popular regions we have shot are the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, The Gold Coast, and Widebay Burnett.

Our offline photo library now has over 1,500,000 images and consists of every coastal city and town in Australia, with the exception of a small few. Our most searched regions include like Far North Queensland, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Northern Rivers / Subtropical NSW, Newcastle, Canberra, and Perth. Please take your time and continue checking as this rapidly growing stock library of aerial images comes to life.

With thousands of flying hours shooting the entire Australia from the humid tropics of Far North Queensland, to the crisp cold south of Hobart in Tasmania the warm subtropics of the Sunshine and Gold Coast, the dry deserts of South Australia to the aqua blue water of Western Australia. We have seen some amazing sites (you can see them all on this website!!) in this beautiful, sunburnt, lush, dry, sparse, rugged, and colourful country... I love Australia!

Aerial Photography is our life. Our planet is one of beauty laced with wonder and every flight leads to the discovery of more detailed intricacies that this planet humbly presents us. This website has given me the opportunity to display these aerial patterns and textures in a series called Earths Artwork whilst also serving as a practical aerial photo library, displaying images of regions, towns, beaches, rivers, landmarks and cities all around Australia, all images are online at the convenience and simplicity of a few mouse clicks.

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Please take the time to discover and explore the reason behind my fervent passion and lifes dedication by viewing these amazing photos. You can view all of our aerial imagery services by clicking here.