Mid North Coast New South Wales Aerial Photos

Photo of Mid North Coast, New South Wales

The Mid North Coast is a sub-region of North Coast, located in New South Wales, Australia. The Mid North Coast region stretches from the town of Taree up to Grafton, a distance of roughly 480 kilometres. This country region is located on the north east coast and is a popular tourist destination, known for its beautiful beaches and its main industries, which include farming, logging and tourism. Add to Description →

Suburbs in Mid North Coast

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Mid North Coast Information

The Mid North Coast offers much to see and do for all of the different kinds of tourists. Family theme parks, beautiful nature walks located in divine National Parks and exclusive beaches and amazing waterways. Four hundred kilometres of sandy white beaches attracts thousands of tourists each year, along with incredible history available to view at the numerous historical museums, and spectacular vintage to sample at the local wineries.

Many tourist activities are available to experience in the Mid Coast Region. With its numerous beaches and waterways and lovely hinterlands, the Mid Coast region offers many delights on and off land. Art and craft museums, horse rides through natural rainforest, an assortment of family fun parks, fishing and surfing on some of Australia's best beaches. The National Parks within this region are famous for their exquisite beauty, Aboriginal sites, and rock formations.

The Mid North Coast boasts a sub-tropical climate during the summer months, with mild temperatures and slight rainfall. However, during the winter, temperatures begin to drop slightly. The tourism industry mainly flourishes during the summer months due to this main reason as the beaches and hinterlands are much warmer and more inviting during this time.

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