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The Northern Region of Queensland is mainly centered around the city of Townsville. This region is adjacent to the centre section of the Great Barrier Reef in the dry tropics, with Townsville being located 350 kilometres south of Cairns. Tourism is a major industry in this region, due to its custom 300 days of sunshine every year, which includes an abundance of outdoor activities. Add to Description →

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Northern Information

Collectively, the Northern region of Queensland is divided into two main cities, the City of Townsville and the City of Thuringowa, often referred to as "the Twin Cities". The population of the two main urban areas equates to approximately 160, 003, making it the largest urban centre north of Noosa.

Tourists often flock to the section of the state of Queensland as it is home to many marvelous beaches, national parks and much more to see and do. One famous beach, "The Strand", incorporates a long tropical beach with amazing tropical garden life, which can be best viewed through aerial photography. Other great tourist attractions include Reef HQ, a large tropical aquarium, home to many of the Great Barrier Reef's native flora and fauna; Magnetic Island, which is nearly entirely made up of national parklands and the Museum of Tropical Queensland, most of which is built surrounding a display of relics from the sunken British warship HMS Pandora.

The Northern region, specifically Townsville is also home to its own manufacturing and processing industries. Three different base metals, copper, nickel and zinc, are refined within the city of Townsville. Townville is also the location of a major seaport handling exports from mines in Mount Isa and cattle exports from inland and coastal regions. Sugar and timber products are also exported through Townsville from the coastal regions which continues to help stabilize the economy.

Due to its tropical location, the Northern region often experiences a dry climate, characterized by distinct dry and wet seasons. The wet season coincides with the Tropical Cyclone season and runs from November through to March. It is usually during these months that Townsville is privy to many tropical cyclones. The dry season usually runs from April to October, with July being the coolest month of the year.

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