Widebay Burnett Queensland Aerial Photos

Photo of Widebay Burnett, Queensland

The region of Wide Bay Burnett includes the towns of Bundaberg and Hervey Bay and is situated in South-Eastern Queensland. Other towns located in this region are Maryborough and Fraser Island, the world's largest sand island and a popular tourist hot spot. This region borders that of the Sunshine Coast and the Fitzroy region to the north. The Wide Bay Burnett area is also rich in sugar cane farms and mills and has a significant tourist industry, considering the towns it encapsulates. Add to Description →

Suburbs in Widebay Burnett

  1. Bargara 104 photos
  2. Beach of Colour 1 photo
  3. Boreen Point 5 photos
  4. Burnett Heads 69 photos
  5. Burrum Heads 18 photos
  6. Calavos 10 photos
  7. Cherry Venture shipwreck off Double Island Point 1 photo
  8. Colourful Sands of Teewah 1 photo
  9. Cooloola Sand Patch 15 photos
  10. Coral Cove 44 photos
  11. Craignish 7 photos
  12. Double Island 139 photos
  13. Double Island Point 76 photos
  14. Double Island Point Lighthouse 15 photos
  15. Dundowran Beach 5 photos
  16. Eli Waters 11 photos
  17. Elliott Heads 47 photos
  18. Fields of Green 1 photo
  19. Fraser Island 32 photos
  20. Fraser Island Lakes 1 photo
  21. Great Sandy Straight 11 photos
  22. Hervey Bay 134 photos
  23. Innes Park 26 photos
  24. Inskip 13 photos
  25. Inskip Point 10 photos
  26. Into the Abyss 1 photo
  27. Kingfisher Bay Resort 2 photos
  28. Lake Birrabeen 4 photos
  29. Lake Boomanjin 2 photos
  30. Lake Cootharaba 15 photos
  31. Lake McKenzie 3 photos
  32. Lake Poona 5 photos
  33. Moonbeam Islands 1 photo
  34. Pialba 13 photos
  35. Point Vernon 22 photos
  36. Rainbow Beach 72 photos
  37. Riverview 13 photos
  38. Scarness 18 photos
  39. Seventeen Seventy 2 photos
  40. Teewah 46 photos
  41. Tin Can Bay 21 photos
  42. Toogoom 33 photos
  43. Toogoom East 4 photos
  44. Tooth Island 1 photo
  45. Torquay 18 photos
  46. Turkey Island 3 photos
  47. Urangan 31 photos
  48. Windermere 18 photos
  49. Wondunna 15 photos
  50. Woodgate 41 photos

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Widebay Burnett Information

The city of Bundaberg lies on the Burnett River, approximately 385 kilometres from the state capital city of Brisbane. It has a population of about 72, 000 and relies heavily on tourism and the local sugar industry for its economy. The city is often referred to as the "Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef" as it lies near the southern end of the reef, between Lady Musgrove and Lady Elliot Islands. These islands and the reefs surrounding them can often be viewed best through aerial photography. Bundaberg has a typical subtropical climate, with temperatures around 30 degrees in summer and around 22 degrees in winter.

Hervey Bay is a rapidly growing city in terms of its population and tourist industry. Its population is around 43, 298 and the city covers an area of approximately 2, 356 square kilometres. The city runs along the shores of the South Pacific Ocean and is quite close to Fraser Island. Hervey Bay was originally a string of small townships stretching along the coast, but recent population growth has changed that situation. The local economy relies heavily on tourism, Hervey Bay being predominantly famous for its whale watching tours.

Another city located with the Wide Bay - Burnett region is the city of Maryborough, founded in the 1840's, which lies approximately 300 kilometres north of Queensland's capital city of Brisbane. With a population of 26, 000, Maryborough relies heavily on its tourism and service industries. Timber products such as frames, laminated beams, palings and treated timber products are one of Maryborough's main sources of income; also the numerous farming and station prospects and healthy fishing industry assist with the economy throughout the city. Maryborough itself is the self-styled Heritage City of Queensland, and has preserved many 19th and 20th century buildings.

Bundaberg, Coral Coast and Country

The city of Bundaberg is located in Queensland, Australia, and lies on the Burnett River, approximately 385 kilometres from the capital city of Brisbane, with a population of about 58, 000. The region Bundaberg, Coral Coast and Country is one of Australia's diverse tourist destinations as it is home to one of wonders of the natural world- the Southern Great Barrier Reef. This region also boasts beautiful beaches and untouched hinterlands, making it a definite favourite for the whole family.

Bundaberg's income relies heavily on the tourism industry, the local sugar industry and commercial fruit and vegetable production. Sugar cane fields are still prominent throughout the entire Bundaberg region, and tomatoes, zucchinis, capsicums, legumes, and watermelons are the more notably grown fruit and vegetables throughout the area. The Bundaberg Rum Distillery is also a local icon and Bundaberg Rum is one of the regions better-known exports.

The tourism industry within Bundaberg is also a heavy income. Bundaberg is known as the "Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef", lying near the southern end of the reef close to Lady Elliot and Lady Musgrave Islands. Tourists are also drawn to this area by the pristine weather conditions and divine beaches, which both offer a variety of activities for all types. Bundaberg also offers many acres of beautiful countryside and peaceful scenery to view from the comfort of your own car.

One important landmark in the region of Bundaberg is Mon Repos Beach. This inconspicuous gem is located just 15kms east of Bundaberg city central and is home to the largest concentration of nesting marine turtles on Eastern Australia. Every year more and more people flock to this quiet, secluded beach to watch the turtles nest and the emerging turtle hatchlings.

Bundaberg is still located north enough for it to enjoy the subtropical climate. In summer months the temperature usually reaches a high of about 30.3 degrees, while during winter, the temperatures only go as low as 22 degrees, keeping the water cool all year round.

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