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South Australia covers a total land area of 984, 377km and is located within the southern part of Australia. This state covers some of the more arid parts of the continent and with a population of about 1.5 million people; South Australia comprises less than 10 per cent of Australia's total population. Most people are settled within the capital city of Adelaide, although some have made their homes in the fertile areas along the south-eastern coast and the Murray River. Add to Description →

Regions in South Australia

  1. Adelaide 158 photos
  2. Eyre Peninsula (Offline library*)
  3. Fleurieu Peninsula (Offline library*)
  4. Flinders Ranges and Outback (Offline library*)
  5. Limestone Coast (Offline library*)
  6. Yorke Peninsula (Offline library*)

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South Australia Information

Aerial photographs best capture the arid terrain, numerous rangelands and low mountain ranges. The Mt Lofty-Flinders Ranges system is one of the more famous of these ranges and runs north about 800 kilometres from Cape Jervis to the northern end of Lake Torrens and salt lakes. Mount Woodroffe is the highest point in the state, at 1435 metres, located in the Musgrove Ranges. The western area of South Australia is made up of mostly the sparsely-inhabited Nullarbor Plain, which fronts the cliffs of the Great Australian Bight.

Manufacturing is the main industry within this southern state. Much of South Australia’s economy depends upon this industry as it generates 15% of the state’s Gross State Product. The manufacturing industry is made up of mostly automotive and component manufacturing; however, other sub-industries include pharmaceuticals and defense technology. South Australia also exports many of its farming products, such as its wheat, wine and wool and over half of Australia's wine is produced within this state.

Despite being one the more arid of Australia's states, South Australia still offers tourists much to see and do within the capital of Adelaide. Adelaide Zoo is fun for the entire family, and provides a great day out full of fun and adventure. The Royal Adelaide Show is South Australia's biggest event, occurring annually, and offers a wealth of entertainment.

South Australia experiences a wide range of weather conditions across the temperate state. From desert temperatures in the north to cool Mediterranean temperatures along the coastline, South Australia experiences it all. The state also encounters warm dry summers and cool wet winters, with temperatures of around 27 degrees in summer and 15 degrees in winter.

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