Aerial Photography Experts

We are the best at what we do. We have been operating since 2004 and are constantly evolving to the ever changing world of GIS. Our aerial photography service goes far beyond the standard straight down aerial orthophoto or oblique image.

Stunning Maps

We create solutions for our clients, generate accurate stock pile reports and detailed DSM and 3D terrain models of sites, towns, remote wilderness and quarries. 

We are nationwide and can survey large land areas spanning several thousand square kilometres.

3D Modelling and Point Clouds

We can turn your digital elevation data into a geometric mesh. Layering a textured orthophoto over this geometric mesh allows us to build a model of your site that is completely interactive and manageable for those even with limited IT knowledge.

This gives you the ability to visualise your site as if you were on the ground. This comes in handy to identify efficient routes through ruggard terrain, or where terrain access may be difficult. It also allows for extremely accurate volumetric calculations, to accurately and quickly determine the volume of stockpiles, depth of valleys, of size of a quarry.

Monthly flights nationwide

Aerial Orthophotos

Using our custom made camera system of eight cameras we can cover several hundred square kilometres of aerial survey per day. 

Instant Volumetric Calculations

Digital Surface Models

Our DSM models are accurate to within 40mm vertical by default. We can increase this accuracy by shooting at a higher resolution. This accuracy depends entirely on the amount of Ground Control Data supplied by the client. Ideally a coverage of around 10 points spread evenly across the site will get us the accuracy we require. Our most common elevation datum is AHD.

Online model viewing

See example of our online view here


We can generate reports of stockpiles displaying how much has been added or cut from a designated area.

We can also supply you with a 3D software package that accompanies our survey data. 

Vectors, contours and overlays

Aerial Video

Above Photography has created a product we call Above Productions. We are a wholesale supplier of smooth affordable and reliable aerial motion picture. Using leading helicopter charter companies and our own customised equipment made specifically for aerial motion picture.

Disaster Response

Rapid deployment, comprehensive coverage and damage inspection. Delivered as a GIS layer or Google KML.We  added risk managment companies in assessing the damage of Christchurch Earthquake,  Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi, Bundaberg Floods and Brisbane Floods. 


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