3d Terrain Modelling

3d Terrain Modelling photo

We can turn your digital elevation data into a geometric mesh. Layering a textured orthophoto over this geometric mesh allows us to build a model of your site that is completely interactive and manageable for those even with limited IT knowledge.

This gives you the ability to visualise your site as if you were on the ground. This comes in handy to identify efficient routes through ruggard terrain, or where terrain access may be difficult. It also allows for extremely accurate volumetric calculations, to accurately and quickly determine the volume of stockpiles, depth of valleys, of size of a quarry.

The power of these accurate 3d models are invaluable and our clients have come to rely on them to aid in visual inspection and management of a target area.

As the model works on accurate 3d values and rendering techniques, you have the ability to fly down to ground level and see the terrain as you would if you were really there. We can supply these files in multiple file formats. This includes interactive PDF files, GeoTIFFs, EPS, KMZ files DXF files. We can even export this data in a format ready for a 3d printer, or for stereoscopic analysis.

Flying nationwide once a month, we can offer a subscription service to shoot multiple sites you may have at an extremely competitive in price.

3d Terrain Modelling shot

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