Asset Management

Asset Management photo
Above Photography has supplied councils, mining companies and large construction companies with comprehensive asset management solutions. We have shot Dams, Rivers, Pipelines, Power Lines, Buildings, Machines, Roads, Railways and Mines for various clients across Australia. We offer numerous solutions to aid in your asset management.

Some of these include counting machines, managing remote access, inventory management, site access assessment, overview, evidence of investment, site monitoring, and damage reporting.


Below is a sample of when we monitored the creek erosion after the Brisbane Floods.

We look for things whilst shooting, using our own ingenuity we focus on valuable infrastructure, possible things that look out ordinary whilst shooting that will help you in managing your assets. We will pay extra attention to damaged infrastructure, strange activities, terrain changes and anything else that may be of interest to our clients and take extreme closeups that will allow you to view a very high resolution image of a selected point. With such resolution you would be able to make out the faces of individuals on the ground.

Asset Management shot Asset Management image Asset Management photograph

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