Vertical Mapping

Vertical Mapping photo

We have the ability to offer orthorectification of a specific area down to an extremely high 1cm pixel resolution. 10 times the resolution that is currently an industry default standard for aerial photography.

Our aerial photography mapping service goes far beyond the standard straight down aerial orthophoto. Using a point cloud system based on RGB values we can create an accurate Digital Elevation Model and 3d terrain model of your site.

We have a mobile camera array that can fit into smaller single engine cessna aircraft. It is a camera controller built entirely in-house and now used on projects throughout the country. It works different to conventional aerial photography using a point cloud system.

Using customised software we triangulate the change in parallax of high contrast objects marked in the RGB pixel pattern to create a complete 3d world in pixels. This method uses pixels in RGB values in a similar way that LiDAR uses height values to create 3d terrain.

We can work in multiple mapping datums with extremely accurate results.

Vertical Mapping shot Vertical Mapping image

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