Timelapse Photography

Timelapse camera expert Benjamin Quinn of BSCH has officially joined the Above Photography team as director and operations manager to our timelapse division. A highly respected developer and timelapse camera operations manager Ben is noted for developing Brisbane's largest and busiest online network of high resolution cameras webcams.bsch.au.com and winner of Earthcams top 10 cameras (competing against cameras all over the globe).

Ben is the best in the business. Starting out as a storm chaser installing remotely operated timelapse cameras to pursue his passion, he has worked with Above Photography over the past year to develop a unique monitoring system that provides real time footage captured from a custom designed computer/camera housing at a fixed camera location. We have called this Timelapse Solutions.

Using the latest and highest resolution cameras in the industry we have written a brilliant customised software package to run the computers remotely and autonomously. The camera systems record images every minute, will self reset in the event of power failure or error, are remotely managed, will archive the images onto multiple backup servers located at metro data centers and will compile timelapse movies on any date or time period that is required. The results are the best timelapse archival and retrieval camera systems in the industry.

We have two camera systems. A 1080p HVX 202 HD camera that will record a frame a second for fast fluid motion footage of a daily or hourly event, or an extremely high definition eight Mega-pixel still camera that uses the custom software to record a photo every minute, hour, and day and which can effectively show from days to several years of a construction in a customisable video clip.

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